Madison, WI – Tuesday, February 9th, 2021.  For the third report in a row, Dr. Sheila Briggs releases impressive fundraising numbers showing her broad support from people across Wisconsin.

  • For the pre-primary report covering January 1 – February 1, Briggs raised $19,402.85 bringing her total raised for this race to just over $72,000.
  • Sheila has a broad range of support, with over 600 grassroots donors.  Over 90% of her funds raised come from Wisconsin donors.
  • Briggs will have $30,497.75 to reach out to voters heading into next week’s primary, the most cash on hand of any candidate.
  • This is the third report in a row Briggs has outraised the other pro-public education candidates in this race.

Early voting has already begun, and to date over 300,000 Wisconsinites have requested their absentee ballot.

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