Milwaukee – David Bowen, member of the Wisconsin State Assembly, endorsed Aisha Carr for the Milwaukee Public School Board District 4. David Bowen highlighted that he admires Aisha’s extensive experience in organizing for the rights of students.

Regarding his endorsement, Bowen stated, “Aisha’s commitment to educational and racial equality makes her the ideal candidate for the Milwaukee Public School Board. Her extensive experience as an MPS student, teacher, parent and organizer gives her the necessary understanding of the needs of the students she will serve. Not only will she advocate for her students, but she will produce results.”

Bowen added that Aisha Carr’s fresh perspective as a young, passionate and informed candidate assures him that she will fight for all students and parents. She has dedicated her professional career to fighting for social, racial and economic equity and will continue to do so as a board member.

In reaction to David Bowen’s endorsement, Aisha stated, “I am absolutely honored to have Assembly member David Bowen’s support in our fight for racial and educational equality! We must keep working together to make real change for Milwaukee Public Schools!” Professionally, Aisha currently works as an Opportunity Youth Re-Engagement Director for the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, working with youth and young adults.

The general election for MPS District 4 will be held on April 6.

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