State will prepare to take legal action against companies responsible for contaminating Wisconsin’s water resources.

MADISON, WI — Gov. Evers announced his administration will take legal action against companies responsible for PFAS contamination in Wisconsin. This is following recommendations in the state’s PFAS Action Plan developed after a nearly year- long public process by the PFAS Coordinating Council.

This welcomed announcement by Gov. Evers comes after some members of the legislative Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules (JCRAR) recently gutted the only PFAS protections in the state relating to firefighting foam.

Clean Wisconsin director of government relations, Carly Michiels had to say following:

“This decision comes at a time when we continue to find high levels of PFAS in our waterways and Wisconsin families are relying on bottled water deliveries for access to clean drinking water. Clean Wisconsin applauds Governor Evers’ leadership and commitment to addressing this contamination crisis.

“Against legislative inaction and limiting any PFAS protections at the behest of industry and PFAS-users, this action finally provides accountability and prioritizes public health. Industry and heavy PFAS-users cannot continue to drive the narrative to protect their own pocketbooks forgetting those most harmed by their actions.

“PFAS pollution has serious, known public health impacts and disproportionately harms certain communities more than others. This action rightly prioritizes those most affected by this harmful chemical by providing accountability to those responsible.”

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