BROOKFIELD, WI — Today, Senator Ron Johnson tweeted about the ongoing surge of COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin, stating, “My advice is to prepare by finding a doctor and pharmacy who will provide early treatment.” He also recommended as a “resource” a website that encourages the use of Ivermectin, a drug that has not been found to be effective as a treatment for COVID-19. In response to the tweet, Dr. Ann Helms, a neurologist in Brookfield and member of the Committee to Protect Health Care, released the following statement:

“While Senator Johnson is right to be concerned about the alarming surge in COVID-19 cases our state is experiencing, his advice for how to protect oneself is misleading and potentially harmful. Physicians have been crystal clear: The best way to prevent serious illness or death from COVID-19 is to get vaccinated, and to get a booster shot 6 months later. If Wisconsinites test positive and need medical treatment, they should indeed seek it from a trusted physician or hospital. But under no circumstances should they try to procure Ivermectin, a drug that hasn’t been found to be effective against COVID-19. As always, we recommend listening to medical professionals when it comes to staying safe during the ongoing pandemic.”

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