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View video of Dr. Freedland reading the below statement here.

MADISON — Today, the Wisconsin Assembly, led by Republicans, plans to vote on a joint resolution to repeal the state’s mask mandate. The Senate passed the resolution, which doesn’t need the governor’s signature, last week. Not only would the repeal risk Wisconsinites’ safety as more contagious COVID-19 variants threaten the state, it would also jeopardize $49 million in federal funding for food assistance. That support goes to low-income Wisconsinites, including many who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. In response to these Republican efforts, Dr. Robert Freedland, an ophthalmologist in La Crosse, released the following statement:

“Right now we need all hands on deck to keep Wisconsinites safe and healthy — we absolutely don’t need leaders jeopardizing our state’s health and food security just to score political points. Wisconsinites are still suffering from the past year of a pandemic, and new strains of COVID-19 in our midst mean we should be more rigorous with our safety protocols, not less. Not only that, but food assistance is critical to keeping our neighbors alive and healthy as we continue to navigate this pandemic economy. If we want to make sure we all get back to normal life together one day, Republicans in the Assembly must stop their cruel, dangerous efforts this instant.”

View video of Dr. Freedland reading the above statement here.

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