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Milwaukee, WI — Today, Senator Ron Johnson used his platform in Congress to display a poster illustrating how many miles high a stack of 1 trillion dollars would stack. The display was a political stunt to express his opposition to the American Rescue Plan, which he intends to force to be read in session tomorrow in order to delay its passage. In response, Dr. Madelaine Tully, a family physician in Milwaukee, released the following statement:

“Senator Johnson’s stunt isn’t just silly and unbefitting of a statewide elected official, it’s offensive to all the patients and fellow health professionals who have suffered and lost their lives to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. While my colleagues and I put our lives on the line to protect our fellow Wisconsinites, the senator’s poster illustrates clearly his commitment to putting dollars ahead of human lives. Senator Johnson’s political games have a real cost too as he delays the passage of the American Rescue Plan. His actions mean it will take longer to get the COVID-19 vaccine — our best chance at eradicating this pandemic and getting back to normal — into the arms of Wisconsinites who are desperate for protection.”

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