La CROSSE, WI — President Biden’s historic nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, was confirmed by the Senate today. Senator Ron Johnson voted against his confirmation. Dr. Bob Freedland, an ophthalmologist in La Crosse and Wisconsin State Lead for the Committee to Protect Medicare, released the following statement in support of Becerra and criticizing Senator Johnson’s vote:

“As a doctor, I am disappointed that Senator Ron Johnson voted against confirming Secretary Becerra to the Department of Health and Human Services. During his tenures as Attorney General for California and as a member of Congress, Becerra demonstrated time and again his commitment to healthcare by helping pass and protect the Affordable Care Act, holding prescription drug companies accountable when they price-gouged, and taking on junk insurance plans that didn’t protect people. Not only that, he helped to organize states to take on COVID-19 when we were lacking federal leadership from the Trump Administration. As we continue to navigate the pandemic and look out for our neighbors who’ve lost jobs and health insurance, having Secretary Becerra in charge will help Americans better afford care and save lives. With his vote today, Senator Johnson demonstrated he’s not committed to protecting Wisconsinites.”

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