(MADISON, Wis.) Construction Business Group (CBG), a statewide joint Labor-Management  construction trade group representing 30,000 workers and 4,000 contractors, thanks Governor  Evers for vetoing Senate Bill 125 (SB-125), an apprenticeship bill that unfairly subsidized  programs with taxpayer money that do not prioritize investing in workers. 

“CBG supports legislation that fairly and equitably advances all apprenticeship programs  throughout the state of Wisconsin and not just for one small group,” said Robb Kahl, CBG  Executive Director. “SB-125, however, was little more than a government handout to a select few,  and why should state taxpayers reward apprenticeship programs that invest the least in the  education of their workforce while others choose to fund their programs and prioritize their  workers?” 

Wisconsin construction trades and their contractor partners invest over $30 million annually in  their statewide apprenticeship programs. These private, self-funded apprenticeship programs cost  apprentices very little out of pocket and, more importantly, do not cost taxpayers one penny. SB 125 did not help any of these self-funded apprenticeship programs. Instead, it provided a tax  subsidy for apprenticeship tuition from programs requiring individuals to bear the brunt of their  apprenticeship cost rather than prioritize making the critical and necessary investment in their  future workforce. 

“CBG and our trade partners stand ready to work with members of the Legislature and other  stakeholders to pass a more comprehensive, effective and fair bill that will enhance all state  apprenticeship programs,” Kahl said. 

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