Madison, WI – The Convention of States – Wisconsin is holding a rally at the state capitol on Sept. 28 at 11:30 a.m. to urge the state to vote to aid other states in taking back the stolen powers the federal government has taken from the states and the people.

The Convention of States is a national movement to restore both our constitutional republic and citizen’s self-governance. The citizens convincing their states to hold a national convention to propose amendments that will restrain the federal government is a vital step in the quest for liberty and self-governance.

Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution provides two options for proposing amendments to the Constitution.

We are all familiar with the first option – Congress proposes and the states ratify. The second option allows for two-thirds of the several states, that’s thirty-four states, to convene to propose amendments as well. The proposals then are submitted to all fifty state legislatures for ratification. It takes thirty-eight states, or three-fourths, to ratify each and every proposal from convention.

The areas of restraint on the federal government are: term limits, fiscal responsibility and scope & jurisdiction restraints. These are the only topics allowed to be debated.

“Convention of States is the Second American revolution… without the bullets. It’s the opportunity for the people to stand up and actually do something big enough and worthy of our founding promise.” – Pete Hegseth, National TV celebrity.

This movement has the backing of many highly-placed conservatives in media, academia and elsewhere.

There are also several court cases validating the power of this constitutional tool.

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