Today District Attorney Mike Graveley announced he is not charging Officer Rusten Sheskey for Jacob Blake’s shooting. I place tremendous faith in the men and women of our justice system. Still, we must acknowledge that our community is in pain. Division still exists and mistrust penetrates the souls of many in our community. As concerned community members exercise their right to demonstrate, I urge all those gathering to maintain peace, exude calm, and prioritize safety. At this moment, we must focus our energy on securing and strengthening an inclusive vision of justice for all Americans.

For Kenosha to move forward, we need to elect people who will represent everyone. We need judges who will bring diverse experiences and broad perspectives so that Kenosha can heal. I understand the complexities of our justice system. I served in various legal roles, acting as both a prosecutor and defense attorney during my career. Regardless of position, the unwavering pursuit of justice has and will always be my cause. I will always strive to secure justice for all, and I will always keep our Constitution at heart. May we all continue to improve our justice system to better serve, protect, and empower all Kenosha County citizens.

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