Derrick Van Orden just proved once again he’s out of touch with Wisconsin values. In an interview this weekend, Van Orden admitted he’d gut the expanded child tax credit — a middle-class tax cut which is already benefiting thousands of working families in Western Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin’s third Congressional district alone:

  • 141,500 children will benefit from this tax credit

  • 45,200 households will benefit an average of $2,900 annually

  • 5,400 children will be lifted out of poverty

Only one month after going into effect, the tax cut is already having a “big impact” on American families. According to the Associated Press, families who do receive the credit are mostly spending it on rent, child care and groceries, as well as catching up on cell phone and other bills. But if Van Orden had his way, working Wisconsin families would be saddled with extra costs and denied this tax cut.

“Western Wisconsin families are finally catching a break thanks to Democrats’ middle-class tax cut. But if Derrick Van Orden had his way he’d gladly side with Washington Republicans to gut tax relief for working families. It’s abundantly clear Van Orden cannot be trusted to deliver for Western Wisconsin,” said DCCC Spokesperson Elena Kuhn.

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