Derrick Van Orden’s failed election prospects just got harder

Failed candidate Derrick Van Orden reminds voters on a weekly basis that he’s far out of touch with Wisconsin values and not fit to represent the Badger State in Congress. Now as another Democratic challenger enters the race, his election prospects and dreams of taking his out-of-touch brand of extremism to Washington just got tougher.

Derrick Van Orden is an insurrectionist, a proud and self-professed sexual harasser of female service members, and a bully and bigot toward the very Wisconsinites he’s hoping to represent in Congress. Read more below:

Van Orden would be a disaster for hard-working families, farmers, and small businesses, which is why he’s already been rejected at the ballot box for his extremist agenda that prioritizes Washington party leaders and his out-of-touch donors bankrolling his campaign over Wisconsinites.

“It should come as no surprise that Wisconsinites are jumping in the race to run against extremist Republican Derrick Van Orden,” said DCCC spokesperson Elena Kuhn. “Derrick Van Orden’s record of extremism and division is out of touch with Western Wisconsin values, which is why voters will be lining up to reject him once again come next November.”

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