A bombshell report from CNN today revealed that insurrectionist Derrick Van Orden is one of at least twelve “prized recruits” from the NRCC that has embraced Trump’s “big lie” and “sought to undermine the legitimacy of the past elections.”

“In Wisconsin, Van Orden has also alleged without evidence that there was a ‘tremendous amount of voter fraud’ in the 2020 election. The retired Navy SEAL even attended the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally in Washington, DC, on January 6.”
While this might set off alarm bells for some, it apparently doesn’t bother the NRCC who included Derrick Van Orden in their “Young Guns” recruit program for candidates that “embody the principles of the House Republican Conference and show promise of running a successful campaign.”

DCCC Spokesperson Elena Kuhn:

“Simply put: extremist candidates like Derrick Van Orden, who was on Capitol grounds during the insurrection and embraced Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen, have no business serving in the halls of Congress. While the NRCC might prop up insurrectionists and election conspiracy theorists, voters in Western Wisconsin will see right through their dangerous lies.”

WATCH: CNN Inside Politics with John King

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