WASHINGTON D.C. — Democracy for All 2021 Action — a coalition of advocates, labor groups, and community organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites and tens of millions of Americans across the country — launched a $800,000 campaign calling out Senator Ron Johnson for putting party over country by spreading the election lies behind hundreds of anti-voting bills, blocking an investigation of the January 6 assault on our democracy, and opposing the For the People Act, a voting rights bill that has wide bipartisan support. Sen. Johnson has repeatedly suggested the 2020 election may have been stolen, led the charge in the Senate to undermine trust in the results, and questioned whether January 6 was an armed insurrection at all.

The campaign ads, “Country Over Party,” are running in ten Wisconsin newspapers and TV stations along with national cable and Sunday shows, and make it clear that Sen. Johnson has chosen to rig the system to cling to power instead of protecting Wisconsinites and delivering what they want.

“Senator Ron Johnson is a leader of the anti-democracy movement working to undermine voting rights. He exemplifies everything that’s wrong with politicians who are curbing the right to vote and picking their own voters, spreading lies and conspiracy theories, and catering to special interests — all to stay in power no matter what the American people decided,” said Stasha Rhodes, Democracy for All 2021 Action Campaign Director. “It’s time Sen. Johnson put country over party.”

“As educators, we teach our students that democracy is foundational to America’s success. It’s a shame that one of Wisconsin’s own elected leaders feels differently,” said Becky Pringle, President of the National Education Association. “Senator Johnson’s efforts to weaken voting rights is a betrayal of the very lessons that we teach in school, and they are a betrayal to the millions of voters who rely on easy access to the ballot. As any of our educators can tell you, Senator Johnson is on the wrong side of history.”

“As a Wisconsin veteran, I am sad to have a representative who doesn’t see the value in protecting the right to vote of those of us who have served honorably,” said Randy Bryce, a veteran living in Racine County, Wisconsin. “Any action that makes it harder for veterans with disabilities to vote is unconscionable. Senator Ron Johnson and I took the same oath to protect the Constitution. I, and countless other veterans fighting to protect democracy, are holding up our end of the bargain — Senator Ron Johnson is not.”

“From fueling conspiracy theories about vaccines to continuing Donald Trump’s Big Lie to defending those who stormed the Capitol to standing in the way of the economic relief that the people of Wisconsin need, it is clear that it’s time for Ron Johnson to go,” said Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn Civic Action. “Wisconsin needs a Senator who looks out for them, instead of wealthy donors and conspiracy theorists.”

“Senator Johnson’s career is built upon denialism and financial backing from some of the nation’s biggest polluters,” said Courtney Hight, the Sierra Club’s Democracy Program director. “Senator Johnson denies the existence of the climate crisis, despite the ever-worsening climate disasters and extreme weather events plaguing Wisconsin and the rest of the country. He denies the facts of the January 6th insurrection, despite the ransacked capitol and lives lost. He denies the need to strengthen our democracy, despite broad bipartisan support for legislation like the For The People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. And, ultimately, he denies Wisconsinites a leader who works on behalf of their needs. Wisconsin deserves more than Ron Johnson.”

Coalition members of Democracy for All 2021 Action represent tens of millions of people who voted for equitable COVID-19 recovery, aggressive climate action, good-paying union jobs, affordable healthcare, high-quality public schools, and justice for all — all of which are under threat. Without immediate action to defend the right to vote, push back on the power of big money, and prevent politicians from picking their voters, these national priorities will fail to receive necessary action.

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