Derrick Van Orden better hope that he didn’t blow his entire campaign budget on the January 6th insurrection. As a new Democratic challenger enters the WI-03 field, Big Liar and even bigger loser Van Orden is going to need every penny.

Then again, it won’t matter: even all the money in the world could not change the fact that Derrick Van Orden is completely out of touch with the voters of Wisconsin’s 3rd District.

Since being rejected at the ballot box in 2020, Van Orden has only continued to debase himself by making all the wrong kinds of headlines. The lowlights to date include getting caught spending campaign money on his trip to the deadly Capitol insurrection, new reporting detailing his self-professed sexual harassment, and the ugly revelation that Van Orden spends his free time bullying local teenagers and throwing tantrums over picture books. Sadly, it’s all par for the course.

The bottom line: voters already know that Van Orden would be a disaster for Wisconsin families. 

Van Orden’s radical record includes:

“Derrick Van Orden is an insurrectionist, proud sexual harasser, and a bully who proves on a weekly basis that he does not represent Wisconsin values,” said DCCC spokesperson Elena Kuhn. “Wisconsin voters want a representative who will fight for working families, not one who stands hand-in-hand with violent insurrectionists — which is why they will reject far-right extremist Van Orden once again next November.”

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