(MADISON) — ICYMI: Ron Johnson said this week that the January 6 attack on the Capitol “didn’t seem like an armed insurrection.”


To quote Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler, “This was an inexcusable lie—and as short as attention spans can be, we can’t let it disappear unnoticed.”

He’s exactly right. Fortunately (though not for Johnson), it’s certainly getting noticed both here in Wisconsin and across the country.

That’s why we released a new video with his remarks. Ron Johnson isn’t confused, he’s downright lying. It’s intentional, and it’s dangerous.

In a scathing editorial yesterday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel agreed:
Johnson’s grasp on reality has been tenuous for years, but even more so since he aligned himself lockstep with former President Donald Trump.”


Johnson must go. It’s obvious now that he won’t do the honorable thing and resign after violating his oath to support and defend the Constitution. By what he has shown of his character, there is no reason to believe he will keep his campaign promise to not run for a third term when this one expires. If he runs again, Johnson must be opposed in both the primary and general elections by people who care enough about democracy to support and defend it.”

Johnson isn’t just making waves in Wisconsin, he’s a national embarrassment. On CNN this week, Brianna Keilar reacted to Senator Johnson’s comments in an 8+ minute brutal segment, calling his argument, “asinine on every level.” 
“….since Senator Johnson seems confused, here are just some of the weapons that were confiscated or seen being used: a baseball bat, a fire extinguisher, a wooden club, a spear. That’s right, a spear. Crutches, a flag pole, bear spray, mace, chemical irritants, stolen police shields, zip ties, knives, wooden 2 x 4s, a hockey stick.”


“Would Johnson argue the 9/11 hijackers weren’t armed because they didn’t have guns? He’s a member of a party that was defined by its so-called war on terror, and here he is defending insurrectionists, downplaying the threat that they posed, and continue to pose, even after they walked into his house and in most cases they walked right out, freely, uninjured, alive.”

Johnson’s dangerous effort to rewrite history was also highlighted on The Mehdi Hasan Show in an interview with Chair Wikler. Hasan kicked off the segment with a 5-minute takedown of Johnson’s big lie, warning “this is how democracy dies: with senators like Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.”
“It didn’t seem like an armed insurrection? There were guys in tactical gear, assaulting police officers, breaking windows, carrying zip ties. As NBC News reported last month, the authorities turned up a wide array of weapons, including an assault rifle, a cross bow and 11 Molotov cocktails.”


Ron Johnson is lying. And it’s a big lie. A black is white, up is down, hot is cold kind of lie. The kind of lie that authoritarianism, and dare I say facism, is built on. Don’t believe your own lying eyes, believe the propaganda we give you.”

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