Sept. 20, 2021 — WHITEWATER — The Greater Whitewater Committee (GWC)’s annual Discover Whitewater Series (DWS): Half Marathon and 5K exceeded last year’s participation numbers for its ninth year, on Sept. 19, 2021.

The DWS Planning Committee were joined by over 380 participants, more than 240 volunteers and more than 60 sponsors for a hugely successful event. There were sunny skies for everyone that turned out to support the Whitewater community and the runners had the perfect temperature of 64 degrees at the start of both races.

UW-W Chancellor Dr. Jim Henderson and UW-W Athletic Director Ryan Callahan arrived bright and early on race day to give the welcoming remarks and wish all the participants a great race.

The top runners in the women’s half marathon:

  • First Place: 1:19:24.45 – Runner 982 Naomi Fulton

  • Second Place: 1:23:28.93 – Runner 1015 Samantha Slattery

  • Third Place: 1:29:23.80 – Runner 1009 Lauren Mordini

The top runners in the men’s half marathon:

  • First Place: 1:10:27.05 – Runner 1027 Alexander Cushman

  • Second Place: 1:11:41.55 – Runner 931 Danny MacHmueller

  • Third Place: 1:15:31.97 – Runner 1025 David Krall

The top runners in the women’s 5K:

  • First Place: 19:00.22 – Runner 1465 Kayla Wolf

  • Second Place: 19:44.60 – Runner 1539 Jessie Braun

  • Third Place: 21:31.60 – Runner 1489 Heidi Mane

The top runners in the men’s 5K:

  • First Place: 16:53.98 – Runner 1501 Benjamin Stricker

  • Second Place: 17:23.27 – Runner 1376 Mark Elworthy

  • Third Place: 18:09.54 – Runner 1519 Corbin Bevry

For all race results, visit, under race results.

For some runners, it was their first time racing in the Discover Whitewater Series. A common theme from first time runners, including first place winner Naomi Fulton, was that the DWS is overwhelmingly organized and friendly.

Every year the DWS is in conjunction with the Working for Whitewater’s Wellness (W3) Fit Kid Shuffle on Saturday, Sept. 18. During the Shuffle, children 10-years-old and younger participated in a one-mile run. This year the Shuffle had 46 participants.

The main goals of the DWS are to build a stronger community and showcase the City of Whitewater. All proceeds from the event are put directly back into the community each year.  The five local non-profit partners are Bethel House, Whitewater LEADS, Working for Whitewater’s Wellness, Whitewater Unified School District and the J-Hawk Aquatics Club.

“Everyone involved in the DWS has a mission to support the Whitewater community,” DWS Race Director Dawson Miller said. “It’s always an honor and joy to see the community come together every year.”

The DWS would like to thank everyone involved in making the ninth year a success. The Whitewater community is a great place to visit, live and work.

The DWS Planning Committee is already starting on next year’s race; new editions and features for 2022 are in the works. Save the date for September 18, 2022 for our tenth anniversary of the Discover Whitewater Series. We hope everyone will join us!

About the DWS

The goal of the DWS is to promote the City of Whitewater and highlight its greatest features, while keeping everyone in the community active. All the proceeds from the race are donated to five local non-profit partners: Bethel House (which

provides interim housing for homeless families), Whitewater LEADS, Working for Whitewater’s Wellness (W3), Whitewater Unified School District and the J-Hawk Aquatic Club. The DWS partners with the city, business community,

university and the school district to make this a tremendous event that benefits all who participate. For more information about the race visit

For further details, please contact Jeffery Knight, Executive Director at 920.728.0662 or [email protected]. For general race information email [email protected].

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