With less than two weeks to go until Election Day 2021, Democrats are running through the tape and taking nothing for granted from Virginia to New Jersey to Pennsylvania. 

Meanwhile, as Democrats in Congress remain laser focused on delivering for the American people and getting to the finish line on passing the Build Back Better agenda and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, Republicans continue to do everything in their power to block the president’s popular agenda — while simultaneously trying to take credit for it. This week, state parties continued putting Republicans on defense for their refusal to participate in the pandemic recovery. And now, Republicans are teaming up with corporate lobbyists and special interests to pour tens of millions of dollars into the fight to try and defeat President Biden’s agenda.

President Biden also took his Build Back Better agenda to Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he talked about how growing up there shaped his values – and his firm belief that we need an economy that works for working people like those in Scranton instead of the wealthiest Americans on Park Avenue.

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