ontact: Erin Brown Stender, DNR Potawatomi State Park Property Supervisor
Erin.BrownStender@wisconsin.gov or 920-746-2893

DOOR COUNTY, Wis. – Temporary trail closures to the northern half of Potawatomi State Park’s trail system are in immediate effect while logging operations are underway to improve safety for visitors and the health of the ecosystem.

During the scheduled logging operation, a commercial logger contracted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will remove hazardous trees impacted by beech bark disease and emerald ash borer. The removal of these trees will make future trail conditions safer for visitors who enjoy skiing, biking, hiking and snowmobiling at the state park. This logging effort will also improve the forest’s overall health in this area, creating room for other tree species and slowing the spread of pests and harmful diseases.

The southern portion of the trail system within Potawatomi State Park will remain open. Snowmobilers will also continue to have access via southern entry points up to and including the campground. There will be no closures to the connecting trails that link to the county’s snowmobile trail system.

Park staff hope to reopen the northern trail units in spring 2021. Visit the State Park property conditions webpage for more information.

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