The NRB met in closed session this morning to confer with our counsel regarding the pending lawsuits for Wolf hunt fall 2021. These law suits name the DNR  and the NRB as defendants

Dept. of justice is defending the DNR and the NRB in these lawsuits .  It was determined that the posting did not allow the board to take action after our discussions.

Accordingly the board  desire was to hold an emergency special session meeting later in the day after appropriate notification to the public.

The DNR administration and legal staff refused to  accommodate such a meeting for us to discuss and vote on  whether  the NRB should request legal representation by special counsel, rather than the department of justice to defend us in these pending lawsuits.

I have reset the meeting for October 18 to discuss this issue and it is expected that Accommodations will  be made for this board to discuss and act on  these law suits

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