Contact: Rori Paloski, DNR Conservation Biologist or 608-264-6040

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) proposes to issue a permit for the “incidental taking” of a rare lizard, which may result from the Lido Development and Golf Course construction project. Incidental take refers to the unintentional loss of individual endangered or threatened animals or plants that does not put the species’ overall population at risk.

Wisconsin Dunes, LLC proposes the next phase of development, located north of the existing Sand Valley Golf Course in the Town of Rome. The proposed development includes the construction of an 18-hole golf course and 17 single-family lots. The project also entails large-scale-ecological restoration work.

The presence of the state endangered slender glass lizard is confirmed in the vicinity of the project site. DNR staff determined that the proposed project may result in the incidental taking of some lizards.

The DNR has concluded that the proposed project is not likely to appreciably reduce the survival or recovery of the species within the state, the whole plant-animal community of which it is a part of or the habitat that is critical to its existence.

Conservation measures to minimize and mitigate the adverse effect on the endangered species will be incorporated into the proposed Incidental Take Permit. Copies of the jeopardy assessment and background information on the slender glass lizard are available by visiting the DNR webpage or upon request from DNR Conservation Biologist Rori Paloski at 608-264-6040 or

The DNR requests comment from the public through Feb. 5, 2021, regarding project-related impacts to the slender glass lizard. Comments may be sent via email or phone to Rori Paloski at 608-264-6040 or They can also be mailed to 101 S. Webster St., Madison, WI 53707.

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