MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) expanded its Green Tier participation with the department that includes a new Tier 2 contract that goes into effect Jan. 15, 2021. The agreement includes all operations in southern and central Wisconsin, expanding from its previous participation contract for its Blount Street facility.

MGE is an electric and natural gas utility company serving 155,000 electric and 163,000 natural gas customers. The company is committed to providing safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy while preserving and protecting the environment and supporting its service territory’s economic needs.

The DNR’s Green Tier program provides credible recognition to organizations committed to going above and beyond compliance to achieve superior environmental performance.

“We are pleased to see this Green Tier partnership grow,” said Greg Pils, DNR Environmental Analysis & Sustainability Director. “This Tier 2 contract will further support efficiencies that will benefit both the company and the environment.”

Tier 2 participants negotiate customized environmental contracts with the DNR. These contracts enable significant environmental improvements and regulatory flexibility. MGE’s contract provides flexibility in its annual compliance audit schedule, allowing for all operations under the agreement’s scope to be audited over a three-year cycle as defined in the contract.

“MGE is committed to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement,” said Jeff Jaeckels, MGE Director of Safety, Sustainability and Environmental Affairs. “We continue to work to reduce environmental impacts across all areas of the organization, and we look forward to working with the DNR as we expand our Tier 2 Green Tier participation to include all MGE operations. We strive to advance a culture of sustainability throughout the organization and through our work with customers as we move toward net-zero carbon electricity by 2050.”

More information about Green Tier and MGE’s participation is available here.

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