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DNR Seeking Public Input On Strategic Analysis Of Door Peninsula

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is seeking public input on the strategic analysis of existing and alternative approaches to coastal management on the Door Peninsula under high and low water conditions.

Spanning over 300 miles, the shoreline of the Door Peninsula and its surrounding islands are important to Lake Michigan and Green Bay’s ecological health and the economic well-being of northeastern Wisconsin. Changing water levels and the intensity of storm events pose a significant challenge to managing this important resource.

In recent years, coastal erosion and flooding have led to a dramatic increase in applications for DNR waterway permits to place stone revetments, jetties and other structures along the Door Peninsula shoreline. Ten years ago, low water levels resulted in reduced water access, navigation and increased applications for DNR waterway permits to dredge.

The current wave of shoreland protection projects could have negative environmental and socioeconomic consequences, including the loss of vital fish habitat and the disruption of the natural processes by which beaches and other coastal features are built up and maintained over time.

The purpose of the Door Peninsula Strategic Analysis is to inform decision-makers and the public about current conditions, various approaches to coastal management on the peninsula and anticipated environmental and socioeconomic effects of those alternatives under high and low water scenarios.

The DNR will use the best available information and input from the public and stakeholders to conduct the analysis. A strategic analysis does not establish DNR policy or change existing rules.

The public is encouraged to comment on a draft outline of the topics covered in the analysis and fill out an online questionnaire about their views on coastal management on the Door Peninsula. The outline and questionnaire are available online here. 

All written comments on the draft outline should be sent by Friday, July 23, 2021, and can be sent by email to DNRDoorPeninsula@Wisconsin.gov or by U.S. mail to:

Door Peninsula Comments, DNR (EA/7)

101 South Webster Street, Madison, WI 53707

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