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MADISON – Today, Gov. Evers announced his administration successfully reached a deal with the federal government to preserve $70 million per month in federal food aid funding for Wisconsin families.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Nellie Sires issued the following statement:

“Thank you to Gov. Evers for reinstating supplemental food assistance and preventing yet another disaster at the hands of Wisconsin Republicans. The far-right Supreme Court’s reckless ruling threatened millions of dollars in federal food assistance every month for more than 400,000 families. The ripple effects of this ruling could have devastated our communities and taken a major toll on the food industry – the last thing Wisconsin needs as it recovers from the health and financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Once again, Gov. Evers has cleaned up a mess created by Wisconsin Republicans. The Governor’s quick action ensures low-income families can continue receiving the assistance they need to put food on the table. Now, it’s time for the state legislature to pass Gov. Evers’ Badger Bounceback agenda to shore up food security and to ensure our state can bounce back to better than it was before the pandemic.”

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