Madison, WI – Two and a half years after Governor Tony Evers took office, things have gotten a lot worse at Lincoln Hills juvenile detention center, according to documents obtained by Empower Wisconsin.
Under Governor Evers
  •  Sexual misconduct incidents soared 75 percent at Lincoln Hills.
  •  Youth-staff battery increased 177 percent.
  •  Group disturbances are up 158 percent.
  •  Staff injuries up an astounding 4,700 percent.
As a gubernatorial candidate, Evers campaigned on urgently shutting down Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake juvenile detention centers. As governor, he has repeatedly tried to push back the closing date — statutorily mandated to occur last Thursday, and blamed the legislature for the delay.
“Time and time again we see how Tony Evers’ failed leadership hurts Wisconsinites,” said Empower Wisconsin President Adam Jarchow. For four years, he has been actively saying he would fix Lincoln Hills but his mismanagement and delays have made the situation increasingly worse. It is time to close Lincoln Hills and hold Tony Evers accountable for the dangerous conditions for inmates and staff.”
To see the full report by Empower Wisconsin, access to the newly uncovered documents, and a full historical timeline of Lincoln Hills dating back to 2015, visit
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