Madison – End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin thanks Democratic members of the State Senate and Assembly for introducing common sense and lifesaving firearm legislation today. The bills include extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs) and universal background checks on gun sales.

For the past 20 years, End Abuse has produced an annual homicide report with the intention of honoring the lives of victims of DV & catalyzing improvements in systemic & community responses. Between 2000-2020, 890 people were killed in domestic violence-related homicide incidents in communities across Wisconsin that we know of.

Firearms remain the most common means of perpetrating domestic violence homicides. Since 2005, firearms have been used to kill more people in DV homicides in Wisconsin than all other methods of killing combined. In 2020 alone, firearms were the weapons used in 52% of domestic violence homicide incidents. Over one-third of the perpetrators in 2020 who used a gun to commit a domestic violence homicide were legally prohibited from possessing a firearm.

LRB-2751 simply closes a loophole by expanding the requirement for a state background check to cover all firearm purchases in Wisconsin, in order to reduce illegal gun sales and transfers.

“The universal background check bill has been a long-standing priority for End Abuse. States with simple checks like this one have shown to have nearly 40% fewer women shot and killed annually” stated Jenna Gormal, Director of Public Policy at End Domestic Abuse WI. “That is a staggering and significant number – we urge legislators to support the swift passage of this legislation”

To review our most recent Annual Wisconsin Domestic Violence Homicide Report, released on Sept 22nd, 2021, visit:

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