MADISON, Wis. — Last week, Gov. Tony Evers visited with small business owners in Fond du Lac while Secretary of Administration Joel Brennan heard from business owners across the state on how Wisconsin’s Badger Bounceback effort has been benefiting local communities.

Gov. Evers has been committed to listening to the science throughout the pandemic while providing nearly $1 billion in support to more than 53,000 business owners. Earlier this year, Gov. Evers directed $420 million towards grants for small businesses — a crucial investment that has been life-changing for business owners.

In Waunakee, brewery owner Kevin Abercrombie compared Gov. Evers’ bounceback effort “to a set of jumper cables, it kind of got the car going again.”

Gov. Evers has also announced new workforce development initiatives, supported businesses in underserved communities, and invested in Wisconsin’s tourism and entertainment sectors. By listening to the science and supporting our economy, Gov. Evers is continuing to safely lead Wisconsin through one of the most challenging crises in state history.

“Because of Governor Evers’ common sense approach to our recovery, Wisconsin’s small businesses are continuing to bounce back from the pandemic and lead our state’s vibrant economic recovery,” said Tony for Wisconsin Communications Director Sam Roecker. “Governor Evers is prioritizing small businesses and ensuring they have the resources needed to thrive. There is still more work to do, but Governor Evers is committed to protecting small businesses and ensuring Wisconsin continues moving forward.”

Read more about how Gov. Evers is helping small businesses below.

Spectrum News: Thousands of Wisconsin businesses received grants amid the pandemic, so how did they spend the money?

The Badger Bounceback effort by Gov. Tony Evers poured money into main street businesses across the state in an effort to keep them afloat amid the pandemic.

Thursday afternoon, the state’s administration secretary got a firsthand look at the impact those investments made.

More than 53,000 businesses all across Wisconsin received federally funded grants amid the pandemic. For some, like The Lone Girl Brewing Company in Waunakee, it is the reason the doors are still open today.

For small brewery owner Kevin Abercrombie, the Badger Bounceback effort was a lifeline for his business.

“I think I liken it to a set of jumper cables, it kind of got the car going again,” Abercrombie said.

Before the funds, Abercrombie made budget cuts just about everywhere possible.

“I mean we’re talking about turning off the TVs and canceling that account,” Abercrombie said. “Do we really need the phone to have voicemail? Every little thing we could do to get through and survive.”

The Lone Girl Brewing Company received $20,000 in CARES funding through the “We’re All In” grant, which Abercrombie put straight into payroll to bring people back to work.


As much as people want things to be normal again, Abercrombie said they are not. He is still feeling a pinch on the ability to hire, which he shared with Dept. of Administration Secretary Joel Brennan, who stopped by Thursday.

“There’s still a lot of recovery to be done here in our state, and people are going about it day by day,” Brennan said. “I’m happy to get a chance to get a glimpse of it.”


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