Gov. Tony Evers raised $5 million over the first half of the year and finished June with $7.3 million in the bank, his campaign said.

Evers’ cash on hand puts him significantly ahead of where Scott Walker was at similar points ahead of his reelection bids.

Walker had $2.2 million cash on hand at the end of June 2013 before winning a second term in November 2014. He had $2.4 million in the bank at the end of June 2017 before losing to Evers in November 2018.

Evers’ campaign didn’t release details of his fundraising over the six-month period other than his report will include donations from 17,000 individual donors. Campaign finance reports covering the first half of the year are due to the Ethics Commission on Thursday.

In January, Evers reported finishing 2020 with $3.3 million in the bank after he had receipts of $3.9 million for the full year. That included $2.7 million from the state Dem Party.

Republicans rewrote campaign finance laws in 2015 to allow unlimited transfers between a political party and a candidate.

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