MILWAUKEE— A new poll released by Represent.Us demonstrates strong bipartisan support for a nonpartisan redistricting process. In a just-released survey of 410 Wisconsin voters, 87% oppose drawing districts to help one political party or another. Other top-line numbers include:

  • 69% of voters, including 60% of Republicans, say it would be a “major problem” if districts are gerrymandered.

  • 82% of voters want districts to be drawn in a “public and fully transparent manner”

Sachin Chheda, director of the Fair Elections Project, issued the following statement on the Represent.Us poll:

“The numbers from this poll further support what we’ve been saying for years: a supermajority of Wisconsinites want an open, fair, and transparent redistricting process. From Bayfield to Bay View, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are all concerned about the next ten years in our state, and they oppose any attempt to rig the outcome of our elections.

“Speaker Robin Vos and Assembly Republicans have a duty to listen to the 91% of their party members who want them to take up the people’s maps, pass AB 395 / SB 389, and draw fair maps in every redistricting cycle to come.”

Full poll and analysis can be found here:

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