MILWAUKEE— Sachin Chheda, director at the Fair Elections Project, issued the following statement in response to Governor Evers’ draft maps submitted Wednesday:

“The ‘least changes’ criteria is total bunk and not supported by statute or the constitution. It was wholly made up by the ultra-partisan Supreme Court majority in order to help their political overlords, Robin Vos and Devin LeMahieu. We agree with the Governor that the court should be using a non-partisan and fair process to draw maps, not just doing the bidding of their right-wing political allies.

“All that said, these maps proposed by Governor Evers are fairer, more compliant with state & federal law and redistricting criteria, and even more compliant with the ridiculous ‘least changes’ criteria than the rigged Republican proposal. If the state high Court rejects these maps in favor of a more egregious gerrymander, it will be yet another proof point that they are more concerned with politics than the law.

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