Waukesha County Exec Paul Farrow is running for state GOP chair, according to an email obtained by WisPolitics.com.

Farrow, a former state lawmaker who now serves as the party’s finance chair, wrote to the party’s Executive Committee members late yesterday asking for their support in his bid to succeed Andrew Hitt.

Farrow wrote he could “provide a unique perspective to help guide us through this time,” noting he is an elected county exec and won multiple elections to the state Legislature. He served in both the Assembly and the Senate.

Hitt, who announced last week he was stepping down to spend more time with his family, told WisPolitics.com at the time that he believed the party needed someone who was “steeped” in political campaigns to lead the party through the upcoming cycle. Farrow is one of several people Hitt mentioned as possible candidates to succeed him.

Farrow noted in his email the various roles he’s served at the local level, writing he can “relate to our grassroots members who are the backbone of our system.” He also touted his response to the COVID-19 pandemic, writing he “provided people the choice to determine what they wanted to do for themselves” and worked with schools to ensure students could attend class in person.

The Executive Committee’s next scheduled meeting is Sept. 11. But it can meet with 10 days notice.

“I write this to help you understand that I will be focused to help us succeed in the upcoming elections and position the party to continue to be strong for years to come. This is a challenge that I cannot do alone,” Farrow wrote, adding he hoped to engage the committee and party officials at the district and county levels to move the party forward.

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