WISCONSIN — A coalition of Wisconsin labor, advocacy, and community organizations have signed onto a letter urging U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson to support President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Under President Biden’s plan, Wisconsin could receive more than $10 billion in funding for unemployment relief, vaccinations and testing, schools, child care and rental assistance, and state and local aid. The president’s plan also gives families a $1,400 per-person check, providing an immediate lifeline to Wisconsinites struggling during this pandemic.

The letter, spearheaded by For Our Future Wisconsin Action Fund, calls on Sen. Johnson to act quickly and boldly to deliver meaningful relief to families, communities, local businesses, schools, and frontline workers.

“The time for talk is over,” said For Our Future Wisconsin State Director Peter Drummond. “Wisconsinites expect action to address the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, and they are watching closely to see whether or not Senator Johnson does what is needed.”

The American Rescue Plan has broad bipartisan support from Americans, with nearly three quarters of Americans supporting President Biden’s proposal.

Click here to read the letter to Sen. Ron Johnson.

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