Franklin, WI: Darryl Morin, National President for Forward Latino, a national non-profit, non-partisan advocacy and service organization with members in 29 states issued the following statement following the verdict announcement in the George Floyd Murder case which found former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all three charges.

“We thank the jurors for their service and send once again our heartfelt condolences to the
Floyd family. We pray that this will help them along their healing journey as they witness justice being served.

While today is a victory for many in the social justice movement, it is a justice built on a tragedy.

Far too many tragedies have been allowed to occur throughout a nation’s history and far too few have been held to account.

Forward Latino supports every individual in law enforcement who uphold their sworn oath to defend, protect and serve all equally. Sadly, the ever-growing number of abuses captured on video demonstrates the scale of the issue before us and the need for reform.

The State of Minnesota and the U.S. Federal Government provide members of law enforcement with unique authority and protections. Police are able to take the life of an individual if deemed necessary to protect themselves or the public without ever receiving the authorization of a judge and jury. Law enforcement also receives unique protections from liability that would befall all other Americans. With this immense authority and protection, comes tremendous responsibility. Individuals who abuse this unique authority, who betray the trust of the community they have sworn to serve must be held to account.

Forward Latino is committed to working with the Community Coalition For Quality Policing, the U.S. Department of Justice, and Police Departments throughout the country to implement community oriented policing, revise archaic standard operating procedures, and to start the process of building trust between members of law enforcement, and those they are paid to serve. It is only when we all realize we are on the same team and work together, that we can reduce crime and improve public safety for all.”

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