Franklin, WI: Forward Latino, a national non-profit, non-partisan advocacy and service organization with members and affiliates in 29 states will be holding discussions with White House representatives and leadership in the United States Senate and House of Representatives following Sunday’s a decision by U.S. Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough ruling that immigration reform measures drafted by the Senate’s Judiciary Committee could not be part of the reconciliation bill currently being drafted in both houses of Congress.

Forward Latino National President Darryl Morin issued the following statement:

“We are more than disappointed by Ms. MacDonough’s decision. The moderate proposal would have allowed individuals brought to the U.S. by their parents for no fault of their own, individuals with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and essential workers to apply for permanent residency if they passed a background check, could prove their continued residency in the United States, and paid a $1,500 application fee. These are all positions that the majority in both parties know are needed but have been blocked in the favor of good politics, not good governance. As such, we will be hosting a series of virtual meetings with the White House and leaders in both houses of the U.S. Congress to further discuss our options.

What is clear to all of us, is that the overwhelming number of Americans agree with the
proposed measures, and it is time the United States Congress to act on the will of the people.”

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