Today, this grassroots coalition has traveled to Madison from Milwaukee to demand answers for the criminal investigation of Milwaukee’s toxic lead abatement program. We have waited for years for answers into possible criminal harm done to our city. People have been harmed here. We have come today to demand that the state update us on the charging decision of this serious matter.
On April 19, 2019 members of FLAC, The Get The Lead Out Coalition and the Original Black Panthers attended a meeting with DA where we briefed on an active criminal investigation into Milwaukee’s lead abatement program.
Just days after this, Alderman Bob Donovan and Ashanti Hamilton released a letter asking the Milwaukee County District Attorney to look into potential criminal misconduct within Milwaukee’s lead abatement program.
Then on May 16, 2019, members of the FLAC, Get The Lead Out Coalition and the Original Black Panthers met with Deputy State Attorney General Wilson to discuss the active investigation which had moved to the state level.
Last year, we reached out to the state for an update on the investigation and were given little clarity. One representative was not even aware of its existence!
As grassroots activists working tirelessly on this issue for years, we are concerned this serious issue has become lost in bureaucracy and just is not a priority of the people’s representatives. We remind the state they serve the public and we demand a charging decision in this public matter. People have been harmed in Milwaukee.
Today, we stand here to demand that the state update the public on this investigation and render a charging decision soon. Harm has been done to our community. It is clear we not only have a problem with the toxic lead poisoning our city, but the toxic politics that do not allow us to heal.
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