“This is Senator André Jacque from Northeast Wisconsin. Last week, Governor Evers’ top aide published a shameless attack against my Republican colleagues and I for daring to question his plans to hike taxes and use nearly double digit spending increases to put massive costs on the state’s credit card. Under any honest use of generally accepted accounting principles, Governor Evers’ proposal would send the state budget to a major deficit.

I’ve asked Governor Evers’ DNR Secretary repeatedly to discuss his department’s construction plans. Every time, the Evers Administration said “NO”. Ask to set politics aside and discuss long-term state building projects when more up-to-date revenue numbers are available? “NO.” Ask to discuss using one-time federal COVID funding to pay for eligible projects up front, instead of putting state taxpayers in debt? “NO.”

Just within the past two years, Governor Evers has brazenly stood in the way of economic development, vetoed additional funding for local roads and mental health, disrespected veterans, and much more.

As “Governor No,” Evers has also gone AWOL in addressing critical needs within our state’s unemployment system – other than demanding that our struggling friends and neighbors return $102 million in jobless benefits. These are families who, through no fault of their own, had their livelihoods snuffed out by his economic shutdown. In times that have demanded vision and action, the chorus from Governor Evers has been a resounding “NO.” The cheap political tricks need to end. Wisconsin deserves better.”

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