The nation has watched as President Biden botched America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now, our states and communities have to deal with the aftermath.

I’m Senator Patrick Testin. America lost nearly twenty five hundred lives to our fight for freedom in Afghanistan including 13 soldiers just last week.

America has a moral obligation to get our soldiers and allies to safety.

Wisconsin has taken a huge role, already housing thousands of Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy with more on the way.  We’re providing food, shelter, and health care as the US government works on providing permanent relocation.

There’s been an outpouring of generosity from Wisconsin residents.

But many concerns remain.  Many Afghans are arriving on US soil without any ID.  We don’t know whether the people coming to Wisconsin are our allies or the plans for dealing with anyone found to have extremist connections.

As we move forward and deal with the fallout from the chaos we need more transparency and accountability from Washington.

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