Hi. I’m Senator Van Wanggaard, and I represent most of Racine and Kenosha counties in the state senate.

For many of us, the images and heartbreak of the riots in Kenosha one year ago will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, for the last month or so, Democrats are trying to make you forget how Governor Evers actions and inactions made a terrible situation worse.

Governor Evers initial comments were so out of line and inflammatory that they did more to incite the riots than calm them. His comments were so bad, that several days later police groups asked Evers to just stop talking about Kenosha. Think about that. People had so little faith that Evers would say the right thing, they asked him to just be quiet.

Evers was slow to react, too. After the second night of rioting had already started, 125 National Guard members arrived in Kenosha. It was too little, too late. Governor Evers claims that was the best he could do in 24 hours, but we know that’s not true. Evers was able to send 200 troops to Milwaukee for the NBA Finals in 24 hours.

After a second night of riots and flames, people pleaded with Evers to send more help. Rather than accept the President’s help while Kenosha was on fire, Evers played politics. Governor Evers told the President he’d rather have COVID relief than help with the riots.

Making the riots worse, being slow to send help, and rejecting help that was offered. That’s what Governor Evers did a year ago. And rewriting history won’t change that.

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