MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today signed three bipartisan bills.

Senate Bill 50, now Wisconsin Act 26:

  • Requires the Department of Workforce Development to promulgate rules to allow an employer to require tipped employees to electronically sign, or otherwise acknowledge electronically, the counting of tips to fulfil the employer’s requirement to pay the minimum wage. 

Senate Bill 64, now Wisconsin Act 27: 

  • Expands the purposes for which proceeds from the sale of state-owned properties controlled by the Department of Natural Resources may be spent;
  • Allows the use of proceeds from land sales to acquire or develop land or easements; 
  • Prohibits the use of proceeds to pay for program administration costs, but allows the proceeds to be used to fund costs payable to the Department of Administration; 
  • Clarifies that if the land was originally purchased with federal funds, the department must comply with federal limitations; and
  • Requires the department to submit a biennial report to the Joint Committee on Finance and the relevant standing committees regarding parcels sold and how the proceeds were used.

Senate Bill 85, now Wisconsin Act 28: 

  • Adds text messages, electronic messages, e-mails or other electronic communications, or causing the device to ring or generate notifications repeatedly or continuously to the definition of stalking; and
  • Modifies the definition of “course of conduct” for stalking to include sending physical or electronic material to a member of the victims family or household, employers, coworkers, or friends. 

Additionally, the governor vetoed Assembly Bill 23 and Assembly Bill 24.

Veto message for Assembly Bill 23.

Veto message for Assembly Bill 24.

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