MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today announced nine appointments to the Physician Assistant Affiliated Credentialing Board. The Board was created under 2021 Wisconsin Act 23, a bipartisan act which revises the regulatory oversight of physician assistants. The Act transfers credentialing of physician assistants from the Medical Examining Board’s Council on Physician Assistants to the Physician Assistant Affiliated Credentialing Board, which consists of eight licensed physician assistants and one public member, each appointed for staggered four-year terms.

“Expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare, and ensuring the health of Wisconsinites is, and has always been, a top priority,” said Gov. Evers. “This board will make decisions that remove adverse barriers for Physician Assistants and improve their ability to provide critical services for Wisconsinites. I have faith that these individuals will perform their duty to the best of their ability, keeping the welfare of Wisconsinites in their hearts and minds.”

Members of the Physician Assistant Affiliated Credentialing Board, with their respective term expiration dates, will include:

  • Clark Collins – July 1, 2023 – Lake Mills, WI
  • Dr. Jacqueline Edwards – July 1, 2025 – Milwaukee, WI
  • Dr. Eric Elliot – July 1, 2024 – Delafield, WI
  • Jean Fischer – July 1, 2023 – Greenfield, WI
  • Emelle Holmes-Drammeh – July 1, 2024 – Madison, WI
  • Jennifer Jarrett – July 1, 2024 – McFarland, WI
  • Cynthia Martin – July 1, 2023 – Pulaski, WI
  • Robert Sanders – July 1, 2024 – Milwaukee, WI
  • Tara Streit – July 1, 2023 – Waunakee, WI

The Physician Assistant Affiliated Credentialing Board will replace the Council on Physician Assistants on April 1, 2022.

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