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MADISON — Governor Evers announced today his appointment of Gerise LaSpisa to serve as Green Lake County District Attorney.

Ms. LaSpisa is the assistant district attorney in Green Lake County and has been a prosecutor for thirteen years. She presently prosecutes crimes involving serious interpersonal violence, including sexual assault, domestic violence, and crimes against children. In addition to her prosecutorial experience, Ms. LaSpisa also served as the executive director of a children’s charity, working to enrich the lives of children with physical disabilities.

“Gerise LaSpisa is a great fit for the job. She is a skilled prosecutor who understands the trust that a community places in its district attorney. She cares deeply about justice and fairness for the people of Green Lake County. With her wealth of experience and dedication to the job, I am confident she will be an excellent district attorney for the people of Green Lake County,” said Gov. Evers.

“I am honored to become Green Lake County’s district attorney and will work hard to make sure that all victims are treated with dignity and respect and that in each case, justice is served,” said Ms. LaSpisa.

The previous district attorney for Green Lake County, Andrew J. Christenson, said, “I am pleased that the governor has appointed Gerise LaSpisa to succeed me. Ms. LaSpisa is well-versed in criminal law, and she is a strong advocate for the protection of the public and for bringing justice to victims of crime.”

Governor Evers’ appointment of Ms. LaSpisa fills a vacancy created by the resignation of Andrew J. Christenson. Ms. LaSpisa will fill the remainder of the unexpired term that ends January 2025.

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