Audio file of radio address.

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today delivered the Democratic Radio Address outlining his bold, comprehensive plan to tackle prescription drug prices in his 2021-23 biennial budget.

Hi everyone. Governor Tony Evers here. 

This week I announced that my budget will include a bold, comprehensive plan to reduce prescription drug prices for folks across our state. 

In 2019, prescription drugs were estimated to cost Wisconsinites more than $1.3 billion dollars. Well, here’s the deal: picking up your prescription shouldn’t break the bank. You shouldn’t have to choose between being able to pay your bills and buying your medications. 

But we know too many Wisconsinites continue to struggle to afford their medications.

These huge costs have forced people across our state to make difficult decisions, rationing doses or foregoing their medications entirely so that they can buy groceries or pay this month’s rent.

That’s why our budget will include a plan that will help lower prescription prices by doing things like capping the price of insulin and protect consumers from predatory practices like price gouging.

I know how critical access to life-saving medication can be for folks across our state. And healthcare medication or otherwise shouldn’t be a privilege only available to the healthy and wealthy. 

We have to start tackling this problem in Wisconsin, and we’re going to get to work in this year’s budget. 

Thanks, folks, and let’s get it done. 

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