MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today signed Assembly Bill 218, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 118.

Assembly Bill 218, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 118

  • Allows a credentialing board to delegate authority to the Department of Safety and Professional Services to make an immediate determination regarding whether an applicant meets the credential qualifications and to automatically grant, grant with limitations, or deny a credential in accordance with that determination;
  • States that if no delegating authority is granted, the Department of Safety and Professional Services would be authorized to forward the application to a board with a recommendation for approval or approval with limitations, which would be considered automatically approved by the board on the tenth business day thereafter unless the application is acted on sooner or the board takes certain other action before the date, a process known as a “passive review” by the board; and
  • Allows the Department of Safety and Professional Services and credentialing boards to promulgate emergency rules that are necessary to implement the changes in this act without the finding of an emergency.
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