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MADISON – Wisconsin State Representative, David Bowen, endorsed Brandi Grayson’s candidacy for Madison Alder, District 14.

About Brandi’s leadership, Rep Bowen said this: “Achieving equity & advancement of oppressed communities means further advancement for all communities! I’ve known Brandi Grayson for years and I’m more than honored to be in that fight with her on the front lines daily. As calls for justice for Black lives have grown louder thanks to passionate citizens of all walks of life, Brandi’s leadership couldn’t be more valuable for the Madison City Council at a time like this! I support her candidacy!”

Grayson was honored to receive the endorsement of Representative Bowen saying: “Working class people, especially Black, Latinx, Indigenous and South East Asian communities feel the crushing weight of so many crises only much worse under the pandemic and the economic depression it unleashed.  Representative Bowen is acutely aware of these issues, is working on them at the state level and I’m pleased to have his confidence and support.  We have all the tools available to solve these problems. It takes all of us working together to make sure that every person has the same opportunities.“

Grayson has over 20 years of experience that is essential for bold, informed and inclusive leadership including her role as family educator and advocate for, Urban Triage, a local organization for which she is founder and CEO.  She is a treatment foster parent, an adoptive parent and has served as an assistant social worker and case manager.

Grayson is a longtime Madison resident, a West High Grad and she studied Psychology at the UW. She lives with her family on Madison’s vibrant South side.  More info at , on facebooktwitter and instagram

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