The Greater Madison MPO invites you to provide your feedback on the transportation system in the greater Madison area. As part of the second round of public participation for the Connect Greater Madison – Regional Transportation Plan 2050 update, interactive maps of the existing transportation system are now available for comment through October 3rd, 2021.

The Greater Madison MPO is responsible for leading cooperative regional transportation planning in Dane County, which is the fastest growing county in Wisconsin. To accommodate this growth, the region must have an integrated, well-planned transportation network. The regional transportation plan is developed every five years and provides an important framework for how the region will prioritize transportation investments to accommodate current travel demands and future growth.

The MPO wants to hear from stakeholders and residents to identify areas of opportunity for better connections and critical needs within communities. The new commenting tool contains detailed maps of the existing transportation system by mode, making it easy for residents to highlight needs and opportunities. Use this interactive mapping tool to post comments on the network, to identify specific gaps and challenges, as well as what you love and what’s working well in the transportation system.

How to use the interactive comment maps:

  • See a wealth of transportation information by mode including: bus, bike, transit and car
  • Leave a comment where you see opportunities or missed connections
  • Include a photo with your comment, or leave your name and email address so MPO staff can get back to you
  • Draw on the maps to show where you would like to see future bike paths, pedestrian walkways or other new connections

Having an efficient, reliable, and safe transportation network is important for making the greater Madison area a great place to live, work, and play. Whether you travel by automobile, transit, bicycle, or walking, the quality of the transportation network is important.

Comments will inform regional transportation work and help the MPO prioritize transportation projects.

Results from our public survey earlier this summer, the first round of public input, are posted and available for review at, including presentation slides summarizing the results.



Bill Schaefer, Greater Madison MPO

Planning Manager/Director

(608) 266-9115


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About the Greater Madison MPO

The Greater Madison MPO leads the collaborative planning and funding of a sustainable, equitable transportation system for the Greater Madison region. The MPO is responsible for comprehensive planning and decision making to build agreement on transportation investments that balance roadway, public transit, bicycle, pedestrian and other transportation needs to achieve an exceptional quality of life for all within the region. For more information please visit:

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