MUSKEGO, WISCONSIN — Today, Congressmen Bryan Steil, Scott Fitzgerald, Glenn Grothman, and Mike Gallagher join together to endorse constitutional conservative Shelley Grogan for Wisconsin’s Second District Court of Appeals. They join a growing coalition of conservatives who are supporting Judge Grogan over her opponent, who was appointed by liberal Governor Tony Evers.

“It’s crucial that we elect conservative Judges who will defend the constitution and uphold the rule of law.   I’m proud to join my colleagues in Congress by endorsing Shelley Grogan for Wisconsin Court of Appeals District II.” said Congressman Bryan Steil.

“As we have seen this past year, it is imperative that we support judges and justices who will uphold the rule of law and defend the constitution regardless of outside political pressure or personal belief. That’s why we must support constitutional conservatives like Shelley Grogan. I’m proud to endorse her candidacy for Wisconsin Court of Appeals District II.” said Congressman Scott Fitzgerald.

“Shelley Grogan impresses me with her wisdom, convictions, and is a good listener. We have a shortage of conservative Judges on the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. I think she fits the bill to be exactly what we’re looking for. Join me in voting for her on April 6.” said Congressman Glenn Grothman.

“Wisconsinites deserve judges who will decide cases based on statutes and the way they are written, not by personal preference. Judge Grogan believes in this principle and will best serve this state by committing herself to the defense of the Constitution and the rule of law. I am proud to support Shelley Grogan in her candidacy for the Second District Court of Appeals.” said Congressman Mike Gallagher.

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