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MUSKEGO, WISCONSIN — Today, Judge Grogan announces the support of Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and 25 conservative members of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Speaker Robin Vos
Speaker Pro Tempore Tyler August
Representative Chuck Wichgers
Representative Janel Brandtjen
Representative Mike Kuglitsch
Representative Barbara Dittrich
Representative Scott Allen
Representative Bob Wittke
Representative Cindi Duchow
Representative Rick Gundrum
Representative Cody Horlacher
Representative John Jagler
Representative Terry Katsma

Representative Tyler Vorpagel
Representative Paul Tittl
Representative Samantha Kerkman
Representative Shae Sortwell
Representative Amy Loudenbeck
Representative Dan Knodl
Representative Rob Brooks
Representative David Murphy
Representative Adam Neylon
Representative Ron Tusler
Representative Tim Ramthun
Representative Joe Sanfelippo
Representative Michael Schraa

“I am impressed with Judge Grogan’s integrity, experience, and diligence. She is the only candidate committed to the rule of law and will be fair and impartial. My vote is for Judge Shelley Grogan,” said Representative Chuck Wichgers, Muskego.

“Fair elections depend on judges willing to take on the hard cases. Keep liberty, vote Shelley Grogan,” said Representative Janel Brandtjen, Menomonee Falls.

“I support Judge Shelley Grogan based on how she applies the rule of law. Shelley’s integrity, character, and experience make her the right choice,” said Representative Mike Kuglitsch, New Berlin.

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