MUSKEGO, WISCONSIN — Today, Judge Shelley Grogan announces the support of Wisconsin’s 44th Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in her race for Wisconsin Court of Appeals District II. Kleefisch joins a growing list of Wisconsin conservative leaders who are backing Judge Grogan against her opponent, a liberal Governor Tony Evers appointee.

Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch released the following statement:

“Shelley Grogan is exactly the kind of Judge we need in Wisconsin. She is a constitutional conservative who will uphold the rule of law, protect our constitutional freedoms, and stand with the men and women of law enforcement.

Liberals are already lining up to support her opponent who was appointed by Governor Tony Evers. Evers has already appointed ¼ of all of our Court of Appeals Judges here in Wisconsin. We cannot allow him to continue stacking the court with his hand-picked activist Judges who serve as rubber stamps for his overreaching mandates and unconstitutional edicts.

We need to send a message to Tony Evers by electing Shelley Grogan to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.”

Background on the race:

Judge Shelley Grogan currently serves as the permanent Judicial Assistant to Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley. Prior to working for Justice Bradley, she clerked for multiple Appellate Court Judges. She has more than 25 years of experience in Wisconsin courts. In addition to her work with Justice Rebecca Bradley, she is the current sitting judge in the City of Muskego, where she has lived for over 25 years. It’s where her late husband and raised their three wonderful children. Judge Grogan is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at Marquette University Law School.

Judge Grogan’s opponent was handpicked by Liberal Governor Tony Evers. Evers has now appointed ¼ of all Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judges.

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Judge Grogan’s headshot can be found below.

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