“I am sad to report that yesterday’s results were not enough to get us through this primary. Nevertheless, I am grateful. Grateful for the diverse array of support our campaign received. Grateful for the friends and family who stood by me through this contest. Grateful for God, his wisdom, and knowing that he has a plan for all of us. I am proud of where we finished and proud that I stuck to my core beliefs. To all my supporters and the believers in a better future for Wisconsin, we are not done yet.

To all the Black and Brown children across our state, I see you. I was that little Black girl who had to fight against hate and racism to get to where I am today. We fight through it to this day, and I fought through it in this race. I will never stop advocating for you and your futures.

To all the families feeling isolated or marginalized in rural, urban, or suburban areas. I know how you feel. I lived that life and I know you need more from your schools. I will continue to tirelessly advocate for you.

To all the parents who live in poverty. I see you. I know how society can make you feel invisible when you are poor. I won’t ever stop advocating for you and your child’s right to a life altering education.

My commitments to our community do not change. Wisconsin, stay vigilant. Let’s keep working to ensure all of our students have the opportunities they deserve.”

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