Hunter Nation, the fastest growing grassroots organization in the country dedicated to protecting the rights of hunters, issued the following statement today in response to a Dane County Judge’s ruling that effectively maintains Dr. Frederick Prehn as the rightful and lawful Chairman of the State’s Natural Resources Board.


“Today’s ruling is a huge victory for the rule of law being maintained and for the united voice of

hunters,” said Luke Hilgemann, a resident of Marshfield, Wisconsin who serves as President and CEO of Hunter Nation.  “Hunter Nation said from the beginning that the Governor and his

minions in the DNR cannot be allowed to push through a new chairperson of the governing body

of our state’s natural resources without the consent of the State Senate. Today’s ruling proved that the rule of law still prevails over petty politics.”


WILL Deputy Counsel, Anthony LoCoco, said, “We are pleased that the Court reaffirmed longstanding Wisconsin law. The Governor has no authority to circumvent the confirmation process and must instead work with the Legislature to select a mutually-agreeable replacement for Chairman Prehn.”


“We thank our partners at the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty for effectively working on

this case on behalf of our members and we look forward to continuing to work with them to

ensure the voice of hunters is well represented when our rights to the outdoors are threatened,” added Hilgemann.  “Hunter Nation will never back down when it comes to protecting the rights of hunters.”

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